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From an old Barracks in Houston, TX we reclaimed 7" Wide Antique Ship Lap, 5" Wide Tongue & Groove Antique Pine from with a V-Groove down the center of each board, 5" Wide Tongue & Groove Pine for Wall Covering, 3 1/4" Wide Long Leaf Pine Tongue & Groove Flooring and 9" Wide Ship Lap.  Pictures coming soon!

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Welcome to This Old Wood in Austin, TX! Specializing in Reclaimed Vintage Flooring and Lumber

We salvage (dismantle) old buildings and reclaim the antique longleaf pine.  After processing, we sell it for lumber, flooring - tongue & groove and plank - siding, beams, trim, wall applications, rafters, etc.  Our wood comes from careful, board-by-board deconstruction of barns, farm houses, craftsman homes, dance halls, garages and more, most built in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The quality of wood is outstanding and our prices are usually 25-40% lower than other sellers. We are an eco-friendly building and remodeling solution.

All of our wood can be milled to your specifications. The grain, color and density of this wood can't be beat. The patina is red and amber, the grain is tight and interesting. The planks are typically 3/4" to 2" thick and 3 1/4" to 12" wide.

If you are building a green home, looking to add on to your vintage home, need to match and patch antique flooring, add character to a new home, build a covered patio or deck, need trim for your doors and windows, want a beaded board ceiling or simply admire the look of old recycled wood then contact us to place your order.

We have a client list that will PAY you for your vintage house and move it off your property if it is salvageable which can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your demo job AND save the landfill at the same time!


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